Ruspoli Studio

A new studio and guesthouse for photographer and videographer Tao Ruspoli, the envelope of this freestanding addition in Venice was generated by playing photographic formats in plan (4×5, 35mm, etc.) against filmic aspect rations in elevation – 9:16, 3:4, 1:2.66 cinemascope. These various horizontal “footprints” and vertical apertures are joined via a logic of triangulation. The three level structure includes an editing studio for Ruspoli, a guest suite, and a series of service and storage spaces at grade. It also accommodates an Airstream trailer in a customized parking bay supported by a V-shaped column. From the upper levels, views from the Ruspoli Studio would open to Santa Monica Bay and Malibu.

Location: Venice, California

Site: 5,200 sq ft with existing house

Zoning: RD 1.5-1

Client: A Photographer

Program: Art studio

Square Footage: 1,600 square feet

Date of Completion: TBD