deegan-day design studio, 2450 W. Sunset

Deegan-Day Design now occupies a 1937 garage, operational for almost seventy years before a restoration and repurposing of the building in 2005. The original structure is a 60’x30’x15’ volume bounded on three sides by 12” thick poured concrete walls spanned by 3” deep timber-frame trusses. Private spaces in the new studio are clustered to the north, where a bathroom, kitchenette and archives support major HVAC and storage spaces above.

A conference space and long pin-up wall extend from that cluster, while work areas are defined by a 50’ long switchback surface of desk space. The 42’x11’ front opening of the garage required a trio of new sliding doors from a hanger-door fabricator in Riverside.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Site: 5976 sq ft / Auto mechanic shop

Zoning: C2

Program: Design Studio

Square Footage: 1,800 square feet

Date of Completion: Spring 2006

Construction: Concrete, Wood Truss, Steel, Acrylite