Little Tokyo Design Week

Tokyo/LA Houses: Micro-Environments for Mega-Cities is an exhibition of forty new homes by Japanese and Californian design practices that explore new efficiencies of scale, construction and reduced ecological impact. Often limited in space and budget – but startlingly unbridled in their approach to structure, materials and domestic order – these houses reveal unforeseen possibilities for contemporary living space.
Housed on the Plaza of the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Tokyo/LA Houses will showcase twenty projects from both cities with architectural drawings, models, and images, each a novel proposition for the future of small-scale residential architecture. Models from the show will be auctioned at the end of LTDW, with proceeds going to Archi+Aid for the Japan disaster relief effort.

The Tokyo/LA Houses exhibition will culminate in a symposium entitled Environment in the Future City, speculating on the charged relationship between these cities and their design cultures, and bringing together prominent architects and critics, including Neil Denari, Sou Fujimoto, Akihisa Hirata, Lisa Iwamoto and moderator Christopher Hawthorne of the L.A. Times, on Sunday, July 17th.

Location: Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA
Site: The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center plaza
Program: Architectural exhibition inside a 16′ x 8′ x8′ PODS container
Cost per Square Foot: NA
Date of Completion: Summer 2011