Ferrari Maserati of Beverly Hills

An existing Ferrari dealership and service center became a dual-brand showroom for Ferrari and Maserati. Both lines were purchased by Fiat in the 1990’s , and are under Ferrari’s management now. Service, which formerly occupied 2/3 of the space in Beverly Hills, has relocated to West Los Angeles. Extensive branding guidelines govern the merger of the two high-performance driving ‘cultures’, insuring balanced exposure for both products.

Given many fixed graphic elements at of below eye-level, our initial studies examined the nightscape of the dealership, especially the paths of light created by the movement and repositioning of automobiles, a near nightly ritual. Paths of projected headlight were coded with the signature yellow of Ferrari, the navy blue of Maserati and the shared red of both marquees.

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Site: Existing car dealership

Date of Completion: February 2007